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A mixed-use historic district known for its proactive lifestyle and engaging nightlife. LoDo is an unofficial neighborhood located in Denver, CO. LoDo is one of the oldest places where settlements in the city happen. It serves as the core of success through urban reinvestments and revitalization.

Way before the colonization of the Europeans, the Native American tribe Arapaho has established a community along the South Platte River, which is now LoDo. In 1858, then General William Larimer founded Denver as the center of the business interests and later on became the current LoDo neighborhood, as well as the city’s oldest neighborhood.

As the city of Denver grow, leaders realized that railroads are needed for the business and the economy grows. In these present times, the neighborhood has its new businesses and it had already become the destination neighborhood that offers hip neighborhoods surrounded by clubs, restaurants, boutiques, bars art galleries, and other businesses.

Explore LoDo

There are many ways to enjoy LoDo, whether jumping from restaurant to restaurant, shopping ‘til you drop, watching your favorite team play, or just wandering around looking at artworks. Located in the heart of Downtown Denver, LoDo is a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado that has nationally renowned restaurants, unique picturesque art galleries, trendy boutiques, and Victorian architectural design buildings. A historic neighborhood where everything is all about the hustle and bustle of the urban culture. But behind all of the busy culture in this neighborhood, LoDo can give everything that you’d need.

Food is one of the pride and glory of LoDo. The food scene in the neighborhood boasts some of the top restaurants across the city. Local, traditional up to international recipes can be found here where they challenge the status quo and dining experience that will surely linger in your taste buds. EZ Denver Junk Removal

Imagine, hanging out with your friends as you all watch your favorite team plays during the baseball season. Located at Blake is Denver’s own Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies.

Shopping will never be the same if you visit the Victorian buildings which are nestled by Larimer Square. LoDo boasts this eclectic mix of stores that are offering a wide array of goods from Western wear to Victorian antique jewelry. Whether for your closet refreshing, home decoration and just looking for a perfect gift, Larimer Square will be there to cater to your needs.

One of the many things that the millennials love doing is to wander and just stare at art exhibitions. It somehow gives inner peace. The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver was the first-ever dedicated institution that caters to all the contemporary arts in the city.

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