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Recyclable rubbish, organic, solid, and liquid wastes, yard debris, and bulky garbage are covered under our garbage and waste removal services. We offer two types of garbage removal, recurring and one-time pickup. When your trash removal resources are lacking, do not hesitate to reach out to our local junk removal experts. We are one of the top garbage collection services in the industry.

Our Household Waste Pickup Service

Nearly all human activities generate some type of waste. The US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” has divided waste into various categories to help municipalities, cities, counties, and towns dispose of garbage with minimal environmental risks. The EPA has teamed up with state, federal, and local officials to combat greenhouse waste emissions. The agency encourages Americans to find other waste disposal methods that generate fewer greenhouse gases, as compared to dumps and landfills.

Our residential waste collection heeds EPA’s garbage disposal recommendations. The agency encourages waste pickup service providers to recycle all eligible items to keep them from entering landfills.

Knowing Your Waste

We encourage our clients to become familiar with the many different types of waste. This knowledge can be applied to an environmental initiative that will help our waste removal company, municipality landfills, and other service providers minimize the amount of waste that enters local dumps.

  • Solid Waste – The EPA categorizes waste products generated by households, commercial establishments, government organizations, and institutions. Old attire, metal food & beverage cans, food leftovers, furniture, lawn debris, newspapers & magazines, rechargeable & disposal batteries, consumer electronics, and small & large appliances. Wastewater from treatment plants and industrial wastes, as well as demolition debris, do not qualify as municipal solid waste
  • Medical Waste – The EPA categorizes waste products generated by hospitals, medical centers, medical private practices, outpatient surgical centers, laboratory, and diagnostic facilities as medical waste
  • Industrial Non-Hazardous Waste – The EPA categorizes waste products generated by industrial facilities as industrial non-hazardous waste. Iron, pulp, paper, concrete, glass, steel, and other manufacturing materials are just a few examples
  • Hazardous Waste – The EPA categorizes waste products generated by the oil, pesticide, automotive, and other industries that generate chemical fluids. A few examples of hazardous waste include cleaning fluids, pesticides, automotive oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, barium, argon, antimony, acetone, toluene, diethyl ether, hydrochloric acid, and benzyl chloride

Knowing the type of waste your home or business is generating will prove valuable for EPA’s environmental initiative.

Our One-Time Waste Removal Service

Many municipalities require all residents, businesses, industrial facilities, and public facilities to enroll in a waste collection program. These programs help keep waste and rubbish out of unauthorized areas. If you are enrolled in a recurring waste collection service, you probably already know some types of waste are ineligible for pickup. When you are faced with the responsibility of disposing of ineligible waste, you may be lost. This is especially for consumers who have never dealt with this type of situation. Do not fret, our one-time waste removal program is open to our local community members. We believe our one-time garbage collection helps protect the environment from illegal disposals.

We deal with all types of waste, including scrap metal, paper products, construction debris, grass clippings, organic material, and demolition scrap. When you hire our junk removal company to haul your trash to a landfill or recycling center, we will collect, haul, and drop it off. We oversee each step of the process to ensure our one-time junk removal heeds your municipality’s waste disposal regulations.

Our Recurring Waste Removal Service

We also offer a recurring waste collection service, which is scheduled once, twice, or three times a week. Our recurring garbage pickup program is open to all residents, businesses, government agencies, public facilities, and nonprofit organizations. We understand it is impossible to not generate trash, which is why we established our company around the garbage industry. Our waste removal services are reliable, feasible, and available to all local consumers.

Our recurring trash pickup is scheduled around your household and business needs. If weekly pickups will support the amount of trash your home or business generates, we can set it up today. If you need an additional pickup, we can set this up as well. We will gladly customize a strategy to ensure your waste does not pile up in front of your property.

We Transport Trash To Recycling And Donation Centers

We also haul eligible waste to recycling and donation centers. Preowned items in good condition can easily be donated to local thrift shops that are owned and operated by nonprofit organizations. Secondhand stores will also take your unwanted waste as long as it is in good working condition.

Contact your local thrift shops and nonprofit organizations to validate if your preowned items are eligible for donation. Charities will gladly take your used shoes, clothes, toys, electronics, grooming tools, and aquariums. We will haul your preowned items to the charity drop-off of your choice.

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