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Have you been lucky enough to have a shed on your property? A shed provides an abundance of space to store your belongings. Nevertheless, you must moderate because overloading the shed is going to lead to problems eventually. If you have added too many items to your shed, it might be time to get rid of them. Our experts can help. Notify our office so we can get rid of these items right away.

Tearing Down Or Emptying Your Shed

We offer a handful of shed services. Whether you’re trying to empty your shed or tear it down, you can count on us. We have many years of experience, so we know how to haul items out of sheds quickly and safely. Plus, we can help you tear down your existing shed. When you’re ready to get the process started, call our office. We’ll remove the unwanted items from your shed or tear the shed down promptly.

Once the items are loaded into our vehicle, we’ll remove them from your property and do our best to dispose of them in an eco-friendly way.

Shed Removal Services In Your Area

Rest assured knowing we offer shed removal services in your area. Our technicians have done this before so you can guarantee that we’re going to provide you with satisfactory results. We offer shed junk removal services in your area. Call us so our specialists can demolish the shed on your property.

Is A Permit Required?

When you decide to get rid of your old shed, you’ll likely need to tear it down. Suffice to say, the process is going to be easy. Just remember that you may run into some unexpected problems along the way. For instance, you may be required to get a permit before you can tear it down. In many big cities, residents have to obtain permits before altering, building, or demolishing a structure. Find out so you can avoid getting into trouble.

Which Sheds Can You Handle?

We understand that some companies won’t take large sheds. We do our best to outshine our competitors. For instance, we’re going to take sheds of all shapes and sizes. We can take medium-sized and small sheds. If the shed can be demolished and hauled by two individuals, we’ll take it for you. We’re confident that our truck can haul your shed away in one visit. We can give you an on-site estimate without any obligation. Call today to find out what our service will cost you.

Shed Remove Costs

It is impossible for us to tell you what you’re going to pay. Instead, the price will ultimately depend on several factors. However, most people will pay between $200 and $2,000 to have their sheds removed. For our services, the price depends on several important factors such as the shed’s location, condition, and foundation. More about these factors will be provided below.


We have to consider the location of your shed. If it is located in a difficult-to-reach spot, we’ll have to charge more. After all, it’ll be harder for us to reach and demolish the shed.


We’ll also have to consider the condition of the shed. If it is in good shape, it’ll be harder for us to tear it apart. As a result, we’ll charge more. If the shed is already falling down, the price will be cheaper. If you have a nice shed that is still in good condition, it is a good idea to donate or sell it.


Finally, the price will depend on the shed’s foundation. If it has been anchored to concrete, we’ll have to charge more since it’ll be harder to remove. It’ll also cost more to remove a shed that is wired to electricity.

Basic Guide To Tearing Down A Shed

When you’re ready to tear down your shed, you’ll have two options at your disposal. You can get in touch with an expert and let them deal with it. Alternatively, you can put on your work gloves and deal with it on your own. Although we recommend working with us, you might be able to do it on your own. Follow the advice below to do that.

First, you’ll need to collect certain tools. You’re going to need protective gear such as a pair of safety glasses, gloves, boots, and a hard hat. In terms of tools, you’re going to need a pry bar, drill, screwdriver, hammer, tarps, saw, ladder, wrench, and broom. When you’re ready to begin, follow the steps below.

  • First, make sure that the shed is not connected to electricity. If it is, you’ll need to disconnect the power to protect yourself.
  • With the power disconnected, begin taking out the windows. Once you’ve removed the sashes, you’ll need to pry the window from the wood frame. Work carefully to avoid breaking the glass.
  • Take the doors out. You’ll have to start with the hinges. Take them off so you can pick up the door and move it out. It is a good idea to get help when lifting the door because it is likely going to be heavy.
  • Next, you’ll have to lift the shed’s roof. Remove the shingles before focusing on the frame. Remove the screws so you can remove the wood piece by piece.
  • The walls must be broken down and removed. Remember that there are studs behind the walls. There might be wires too. Remove the drywall or paneling before taking advantage of the wood studs.
  • Finally, you need to take care of the floor. It must be broken up into smaller pieces to make it easy to transport. Unfortunately, the process is going to be harder if the shed was anchored to a concrete foundation.

Shed demolition and disposal can be difficult. We recommend taking advantage of our cost-effective services. Call today to get started.

Emptying Your Old Shed

Are you ready to empty your old shed? Stop what you’re doing and begin depending on our services. Remember that we’re always one phone call away. We’ll take care of the junk in your shed right away.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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