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Cherry Creek

This neighborhood is in the center of the City of Denver, Colorado. This neighborhood has a mixture of new and old residences. This side of Colorado is both dense urban and tree-lined residential streets. It is the premier retail and dining destination with an outstanding collection of art galleries and boutiques. The area’s wealthy attractions set it apart from the rest of the capital city. Just 5 minutes away from the downtown area, Cherry Creek has been the most diverse area for how it caters to every interest an individual has.

With the abundant amenities and accessible bike trails and areas, top-notch schools, and high-class hotels for visitors, it is indeed easy to know why Cherry Creek is in demand. What sets it apart from other neighborhoods in Denver, CO is the cozy lodging that gives visitors a closest-to-home feeling and services, or maybe the laughter that fills out the gallery during wine tasting. With its exceptional mix of classic and contemporary businesses, a great lineup of events every year, it’s not a surprise that Cherry Creek has it all.

8 Things to Do

  1. Shopping is not uncommon for everyone. Cherry Creek Shopping Center and Cherry Creek North are two distinct areas that stand adjacent to one another.
  2. Meandering through Art Galleries whether you are a buyer, an artist that just browsing some ideas. Cherry Creek has more than 15 art galleries that sell a wide variety of fine art and furniture to handmade gifts. Gallerie Rouge or Cherry Creek Art Gallery is one of the few places to check out.
  3. If you have your kids with you, consider visiting the colorful indoor playground called Rocky Mountain Play Park. The colorful indoor playground has many activities to do such as slides, climb and just pretending to hike in a Rocky Mountain.
  4. A spa day is also ideal in Cherry Creek for you can choose up to 60 spas and salons. It offers mind and body therapy. Ez Denver Junk Removal
  5. Savor a delicious gourmet meal because Cherry Creek doesn’t leave a hungry stomach all alone. Many of the dining options such as burger joints to ethnic and traditional eateries.
  6. Sipping delicious cocktails with friends is a great idea for a Friday night out. Dotted with several bars, many of which are these stylish spaces for intimate gatherings or lovely outdoor patios if you prefer a sunny outdoor vibe.
  7. Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver which is celebrated every July flocked by 350,000 people that celebrate culinary, visual, and performing arts and exhibits.
  8. Bike rides at the Cherry Creek Trail sound fun for a Sunday morning for its 11.2-mile path that runs through downtown to Confluence Park and the Cherry Creek Reservoir.

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