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Has something gone wrong with your old refrigerator? If so, it is a good idea to consider buying a new one. You might be able to repair the fridge and get it working again. However, this may not be possible. If you’re dealing with a fridge that cannot be repaired, it is time to replace it. Before you can do that, you’ll need to get rid of your old refrigerator. Since the appliance is heavy and bulky, it won’t be easy. Call our office so our junk removal specialists can begin helping you. We can take mattresses, freezers, and other similar appliances.

We Can Get Rid Of Your Old Refrigerator

When you decide to replace your old fridge, call our office. We’re eager to help. We can take all types of refrigerators, including deep freezers, double-door fridges, and more. All you have to do is call our office. We’ll do our best to get rid of the appliance right away. We can handle away multiple refrigerators at once. Our trucks are big enough to handle them. In addition to this, our junk removal experts can handle multiple refrigerators in one visit.

Schedule an appointment with our qualified junk removal experts today.

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Old Refrigerators

Once something goes wrong with your old fridge, you’ll have to find out what to do with it. Thankfully, there are numerous eco-friendly ways to get rid of an unwanted refrigerator. It is always better to find a solution other than sending the item to the landfill. For instance, you might be able to donate the appliance to a charity or nonprofit. Plus, you can try giving it away to a friend, family member, or stranger. If the fridge still works, you might be able to see it.

Once you’ve decided that you cannot handle it on your own, call our office. We’ll help you with this process.

Recycling An Unwanted Refrigerator

You should consider recycling the old refrigerator. Before the refrigerator can be recycled, it has to be broken down. You’ll also need to remove the refrigerants. Once that has been completed, the fridge can be taken apart so the components can be recycled. We can help haul away your fridge and take it to a nearby recycling center.

How To Recycle An Old Refrigerator

Are you ready to recycle your old fridge? Remember that the appliance is going to be heavy and bulky. Therefore, you cannot try handling this problem on your own. Instead, you should let our professionals deal with it for you. They’ve been dealing with heavy fridges for many years. Therefore, we’re confident that we can resolve your problem swiftly and efficiently. Call our office so we can help you deal with it promptly. We’re going to do everything we can to protect you and your home. Plus, we’ll do whatever we much to provide you with a satisfactory service.

When purchasing a new refrigerator, you might be able to trade the old one into the retailer. It is a good idea to ask. If you can’t handle it on your own, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We’ll make sure that the appliance is dealt with for you.

Getting The Fridge Ready For Us

Before you can dispose of the old fridge, you need to get it ready. Before calling our office, be sure to complete the steps below.

  • Unplug the refrigerator several hours before we arrive. Doing so will ensure that it has enough time to defrost.
  • All food items must be removed from the refrigerator. Place them in the new fridge to prevent them from spoiling.
  • Secure the loose compartments so they won’t come out during the transportation process.

Let us handle the heavy lifting for you. We’ll handle it so you can sit back and relax. We’ll be in and out of your home before you realize it.

When To Get Rid Of An Old Refrigerator

At some point, you’ll have to get rid of your refrigerator. It is a good idea to keep the appliance until it is no longer working. When one of the following happens, be sure to replace your fridge.

  • The fridge is no longer maintaining the right temperature. When this happens, you’ll likely need to replace it.
  • Is the compressor or motor making any odd noises? There could be something wrong with them. Replacing the refrigerator is a good idea.
  • Look at the coils. If they have a lot of frost buildup, you might have to replace the refrigerator.

Before you can replace your old refrigerator, you’ll have to get rid of the old one. It won’t be easy unless you let us help you. Our junk removers are professional, friendly, and dependable. Call our office to set up an appointment today.

Taking Apart Your Old Refrigerators

Depending on the circumstances, you may need to take apart your fridge before we arrive. If you want to work with us, we recommend unplugging the refrigerator first. We also recommend taking apart the accessories and disconnecting the water or gas. After you’ve completed these steps, we can enter your home and take the appliance for you. All you have to do is disconnect the refrigerator. Our technicians will handle the rest. Don’t worry about the heavy lifting. We’ll handle it.

Easy To Remove Your Refrigerator

Let us handle your refrigerator for you. We can take deep freezers, chest refrigerators, bar refrigerators, and more.

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