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Located in Denver, Colorado, Highland is a city-center neighborhood. The Highlands is used to refer to the two separate city-center neighborhoods; Highland and West Highland. Both of the areas are referred to as Northside. Highland is primarily located in the northwest of downtown. Highlands is the largest among the neighborhoods in Denver. It is a 250-acre land that is also one of the most eventful areas in the Mile High City with an onslaught of trendy restaurants, bars, and stores that sets up the shop over the past few years.

Boutiques, wine stores, and bookstores, as well as popular eateries and bars, radiate in the streets of Highland Square. In the Tennyson Street Cultural District, you can spend the afternoon browsing photographs, paintings, and antique prints made by the artists of Colorado. Live music events, LoHi is characterized by a diverse vintage and modern architectural style. One of the city’s most renowned restaurants and bars with its incredible view of the Highland Bridge and downtown Denver. EZ Denver Junk Removal


Learn how to paint unique canvas art in an environment that sparks fun. Even if you haven’t painted since middle school, you might want to catch on as the instructions are easy to follow and the tickets include an amazing complimentary glass of wine or a can of beer. Just in case you may need to loosen up from a crazy tiring weekday and relax as you let all the creative juices that you earned. A great spa day with the girls may sound perfect at A New Spirit Wellness Center and Spa that specialized in a holistic approach to healing and alternative treatment through custom massage and acupuncture.

In terms of your dining experience, Highlands has a competitive Hispanic heritage, with plenty of small family-owned restaurants serving cuisines from Mexico, Argentina, and Peru. Try a savory Peruvian specialty such as Lomo Saltado, strips of salty beef, or sautéed chicken mixed with red onions, cilantro, tomato served over rice. You may find it at 2257 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO.

Denver has been famous for its love for craft beer and perfect spots for its patio with a great rustic backyard vibe and is a great place to drink a couple of beers offered on top of a nice day. The inside bar is also spacious, and it has been a favorite spot to catch the Broncos game. If you are into live music a 1960s club with a small but cozy space in Ziggies might give you the blues music kind of night.

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