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Downtown Aquarium

In 2003, Landry’s Restaurants purchased Downtown Aquarium. It was Colorado’s Ocean Journey Aquarium. In the year 2005, Landry’s reopened and redesigned into now as we call Downtown Aquarium in Denver. Complex features a public aquarium boasting more than a million gallons of underwater exhibits and highlight fascinating ecosystems around the world. Downtown Aquarium is sheltered by over 500 species of animals.


Downtown Aquarium exhibits are NOW OPEN! The Health and safety of the guests are their priority so they are limiting the Aquarium’s capacity per hour based on the recommendation by the State of Colorado. Tickets are staggered every 15 minutes to practice social distancing. Masks are required. Tickets must be RESERVED online.

You can go through here for purchasing General Admission


Downtown Aquarium is home to a variety of sea creatures from different parts of our world’s ocean. EZ Denver Junk Removal

Example North America is the continent that is home to different habitats. Interesting habitats and the wonderful creatures call the continent home is the step towards ensuring that these habitats that the next generations will benefit from.

Deserts receive less than 10 inches of rain per year and have a high percentage of evaporation rate that exceeds to annual rainfall rate. An animal who lives in this kind of climate can adapt to dryness and extremely low temperatures.

Under the Sea, the exhibit showcases the coral reef found offshore in many parts of the sea. Wharf habitats have endless tides. Animals in this part of the exhibit have various adaptations to live in tough environments.

The Rainforest exhibits in this area shelters different kinds of tropical rainforest. Habitats in this area represent a protected mangrove swamp near the base of the river, where submerged roots provide hiding places for small species of fish.

Aside from underwater experience, you can also bring your kids to the Aquatic Carousel painted of a pony or a mystical sea monster. Height requirement is under 42” and must be accompanied by an adult.

Their 40-seat theater with comfortable seats with headrests and cup-holder armrests, and is usually equipped with multiple effects to stimulate the senses from the action of the movie for a one-of-a-kind immersive movie experience.

Dining Experience

Aquarium restaurant offers a variety of seafood specialties, steaks, chicken, salad, pasta dishes, and mouthwatering desserts. Everybody’s underwater experience at Denver, Colorado’s Downtown Aquarium begins around the 50,000-gallon aquarium and must end fulfilling their taste buds by eating at the restaurants.


Address: 700 Water St, Denver, CO

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