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Top Landmarks In Denver Colorado

Denver is widely considered one of the top tourist destinations in the city of Colorado. If you’re thinking about visiting Colorado in a few months, you’ll want to make a stop in Denver and you’ll want to stay a few days. After all, the city is full of alluring attractions that you won’t be able to ignore. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the state’s history or you want to explore Mother Nature, Denver has you covered. Below, you’ll learn more about the top landmarks in Denver. EZ Denver Junk Removal

Denver Zoo

First and foremost, you’ll want to take your wife and children to the Denver Zoo. Colorado has a few zoos but the Denver Zoo is likely the best. It has a variety of activities to keep you busy. When you’re not touring the exhibits, you’ll be able to stop for something to eat or shop for souvenirs. The 80-acre zoological garden was founded in 1896. Today, it is home to various animals from numerous species. The customer service is great and the facility serves beer.

Denver Art Museum

Next, you’ll want to make a stop at the Denver Art Museum. This museum is located at the Civic Center of Denver and it is one of the biggest art museums between Chicago and the West Coast. It is best known for its intricate American Indian art collections. However, it has various collections and many will agree that the museum is very diverse. When you enter, you’re going to see items from around the world. Plus, you’ll want to take advantage of the coffee bar and gift shop.

Downtown Aquarium

The zoo is great but some people are looking for something wetter. If you’re more of a diver, you’ll want to visit the Downtown Aquarium. This facility is located at the intersection of 23rd Avenue and I-25 so it won’t be difficult to find. Simultaneously, it is home to a great restaurant. Once you’ve finished touring the wildlife exhibits, you’ll want to sit down and get some chow.

Coors Field

Finally, you cannot miss Coors Field. This 50,000 capacity baseball stadium is located in the heart of Denver.  It is home to the Colorado Rockies. The stadium opened in 1995 and it has been improved numerous times over the years. It had 63 luxury suites and 4,500 club seats. If you’re going to be in Denver, you should try to catch a Rockies game. Tickets aren’t expensive and you’ll lose the entire experience!