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Central Park

Central Park was previously called Stapleton, is a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado that is located at the east of Downtown Denver. The neighborhood stands at the former site of Stapleton International Airport that was closed in 1995. Central Park is the largest residential neighborhood in the city of Denver that contains twelve sub-neighborhoods, 50 parks, 11 public and private schools, several business spots, and shopping districts, a Denver library, and a recreational center.

The twelve specified sub-neighborhoods within Central Park are the

Central Park North, Conservatory Green, North End Neighborhood, Beeler Park, Central Park West, East 29th Avenue, South End, Eastbridge, Buff Lake, Westerly Creek, Willow Park East, and the Wicker Park.

The original airport, Benjamin Franklin Stapleton which was a love level member of the Ku Klux Klan. In 1925 Stapleton began actively disagreeing and fighting against the oppression of the white supremacists. On August 1, 2020, after a series of debates in renaming the neighborhood to Central Park.

Facilities include:

  • Interactive Fountains
  • Full-Length Promenade
  • Sledding Hill
  • Playground EZ Denver Junk Removal
  • Pond
  • Multi-Sport Fields
  • Bocce Ball Courts
  • Barbecues and Picnic Areas

The Neighborhood

So much time, energy, and hard work went during the planning process of the new Denver neighborhood that is focusing on boldly aspiring to pack architectural beauty and efficiency onto the pedestrians and family-friendly parks used by many of the individuals in the community.

Central Park in Denver, CO offers a diverse housing opportunity within the networks of trails, open spaces like the park. There might have been 7,400 homes built in Central Park since the first residents moved in 2002. Since then, the neighborhood is nested by 26,000 residents.

After almost 18 years since its redevelopment, the Central Park home building is near its finish line. The developer of the neighborhood is selling 1,300 single-family home lots. The rare large parcel of land has become available for more development projects that the city officials boast about the unique opportunities with this amazing piece of real estate.

The people are the first on the list above all else because they are the ones who will give the neighborhood a chance to be a developed upscale area, everything else just follows. Central Park is full of proactive, giving, entrepreneurial and family-oriented individuals.

The neighborhood is filled with its own cultures such as many schools from K-8, middle school, high school, etc. Aside from the school are 8 pools and 7 outdoor ones, daycare, work-out centers, and shopping centers.

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